History of Funny Beach Funny Hill

Evolution of the Park since its inception
  • The 15 December of 1992 they started working the first excavators, under the supervision of Horacio Helmann began the construction of the Park and the search and acquisition of its first attractions. Thereafter the Marbella Entertainment acquired a new dimension.
  • The 19 March of 1993 a day awaited by all the marbellies, Marbella opened its amusement park, the park for everyone, so far the only one in the Costa del Sol for its typology and characteristics. From this moment, the long awaited amusement park ceased to be a project to become a reality. To the 11 in the morning of that day, the municipal corporation along with D. Horacio Helmann, they cut Ribbon symbolizing official opening of the Park.

The Park had the following attractions: «karting track», "video games room", "trampolines", etc. all visitors were fascinated, In addition, the day coincided with the first concentration of motorbikes in Marbella. In the children's area innovative hydraulic attractions were installed for the time, than did children delight.

  • After focus during 25 years in the business of entertainment in Marbella, a 30 September of the 2016, We were forced to cease activities due to lack in accordance with City Hall. This did not prevent that Horacio Helmann continued his career as an entertainment entrepreneur and allusion his experience and knowledge to a new challenge.
  • The 7 of June of 2019 After nearly 3 years of relentless pursuit, born the new "FUNNY HILL" located on the old road from Ojén, Polygon 1, plot 493 Canada of murta, continuing the legacy of its previous "FUNNY BEACH" complex.
    The new Park of attractions "FUNNY HILL" features with 23.000 MTS/2 and a 300mts karting track. lentgh, a ship of 500 m/2 with an approximate capacity of +/- 300 people; is equipped with sound and light installation, for all types of events; offers coffee service, bar with different spaces for recreation. In addition, the Park has other fun attractions: "trampolines", "bumper cars", "video games room", "electric train", etc.
    We expect you all to experience the "FUNNY HILL"!!!!