Funny Hill Christmas Party for the Marbella FC Foundation

Video Christmas Party Funny Hill Foundation Marbella FC Temp.2019/20 Great party and fun day you have enjoyed around 200 quarries at The Funny Hill facility.

Aerial view of Funny Hill

In this video you can see Funny Hill's facilities from the air, while a family runs an exciting go-kart ingencing race.

Touring the Funny Hill facility

In this video, you'll see most of Funny Hill's attractions, the go-kart track and some of the virtual reality simulators.

Realidad virtual en Funny Hill

Challenge your skills with all kinds of virtual reality games, like battles with laser swords, car racing or space travel.

Camas elásticas en Funny Hill!

Slow motion video of a flip and a half, so you can see all his movements well, you dare?