Open daily. Thursday and Good Friday from 11hs to 20hs.

Vacation rentals in Marbella Slipcovers self-service

Hire bouncy castles Marbella. We are the cheapest because as in furniture IKEA ®, the customer can participate in the rental process carrying the bouncy castle (self-service) from Fuengirola - Mijas, Malaga or Marbella. The self-service process is very simple, simply stretch the bouncy castle on the floor and attach the sleeve to the turbine that we also provide, plug to 220 v. and outdoor set on the ground and ready!!!; to take it is enough to have a car with folding seats and rear door, But if you want that we bring from Malaga and Fuengirola Mijas, check out the price fixed in each bouncy castle.

As a book??

You can see the castles, your photos, measures and prices by clicking here.

Satisfaction guarantee:

Where do bad weather you can cancel or postpone the rental, changing the model… Without problems!.


If you hire a bouncy castle, by 20 € more you can have it!throughout the weekend, even from Friday to Monday!.


Alquiler castillos hinchables Marbella
Open daily. Thursday and Good Friday from 11hs to 20hs.

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